Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mud Minnows for the Win!

Yesterday was a wonderful day of fishing - and it was all thanks to the lowly mud minnow.

I was meeting a couple of buddies to do a little inshore fishing.  Stopped by the local bait shop and picked up a couple dozen mud minnows.  I haven't had much luck with them lately, but I was going to try some different presentations on this trip.

The morning was mostly uneventful, with catches of ladyfish and one nice flounder that I lost at the kayak before I could net it.

Early afternoon brought a different spot - a boater came into the waterway pulling a tube with kids on it.  Nothing wrong with that - just didn't want to fight the current and the constant wakes from the boat - so I moved on.  I set up near an oyster mound that went into a series of small creeks - a place where I saw reds before but couldn't get them to eat.  I decided to bottom-rig the mud minnows, putting two on the hook at the same time, and throw them out along the edge of the mound.  I place the rod in the front holder of the Hobie Outback and wait...

I have found that when I put the rod down, and start doing something else, that usually that would bring a hit - and this rang true today.  A few minutes after putting the rod in the holder, and using that time to apply some sunscreen, the rod doubled over and started peeling-off line.  I picked it up and was greeted with a nice red, after a couple minutes of fighting.

Snapped a couple of photos and got him back in the water.  Rigged up two more minnows on the hook and threw it back out in the same spot.  Ten minutes later - the rod bent over with another nice fish!

The same scenario happened again, except the third fight ended with a break-off.  I guess he ran me across the point of the oyster mound.  A short time later, I ended up catching redfish #3.  They were all great fish - the smallest was 30", and the big one was 31.5".  After I exhausted my mud minnows, I headed back to the landing.

I'm glad I moved to a different spot!  Also glad that I brought some mud minnows.  I got the idea to hook two mud minnows on one hook from a friend.  He said that the commotion created by the two minnows on the single hook would bring more attention to them.  I have done this with small finger mullet, too - it works!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Freshwater Forays

Freshwater has been my recent pursuit - getting on some bass, bream, and catfish.  My favorite place as of late has been Wee Tee State Forest, and it's oxbow lakes.

These spots are perfect for a kayak, as the boats that go in Wee Tee and Ferry Lakes are not supposed to use their gas motors.  This can make for a quiet fishing experience, and one reason I enjoy the place so much!

There are a lot of gar and bowfin lurking about the waters of Wee Tee.  Some of the gar are big boys - around four feet or better.  I had a couple of gar hit my texas-rigged worms, while bass fishing - a pleasant surprise - especially when they go airborne and race quickly through the water.

The bass fishing isn't tremendous, but there are plenty of little footballs around to keep you busy.  I did lose a couple of nice fish during recent trips - one would have been five pounds easily.

In addition to the bass, there are numerous panfish - including bream like Warmouth, bluegill, pumpkinseed, and crappie.  Remember to bring some beetle-spins!

Wee Tee is worth checking out!  Visit the Wee Tee Forest website for more information...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kayak Fishing - Santee Cooper Catfish

Made a afternoon trip to the Diversion Canal, between the Santee Cooper Lakes, to do a little bottom-bumping for's the big one of the trip!